Re-Activate Your Brand Strategy

Re-Activate Your Brand Strategy

10am-10.45am AEST

Find out how to re-ignite your brand internally, with your staff, to re-activate your organisation’s purpose and mission in your staff’s daily routine.

  • Is there a disconnect between the way your staff represent themselves digitally and the way your brand is represented digitally?
  • Are you leveraging the collective digital reach of your staff to attract potential customers or future employees?
  • Do your people appreciate the value they can build both personal and company brand to the benefit of both?


Your digital footprint extends beyond company digital assets and channels. It extends into the digital footprint created by your employees and their online activities.


I often observe organisations who have invested in their brand strategy and visions, only to lose their authenticity due to a disconnect in employee online activity. If your people aren’t collectively clear on your brand and impassioned with your purpose, it will create a ‘drift’ over time between what you say and what you are.  


Join me, reputation and brand specialist, Clinton Bown, for a FREE 30-minute learning event and 15-minute Q&A, where you’ll benefit from my 30years of working with some of the biggest brands in professional sport and business including Channel 7, Collingwood Football Club, Queens Park RangersFootball Club, BSkyB, and Telstra.


Reactivate your brand by igniting passion for purpose and demonstrating how alignment between your organisation’s brand and your employee’s personal brand is mutually beneficial to both.



  • Find out how to re-ignite your team’s connection to your brand
  • Understand the key factors that cause ‘drift’ in commitment to brand
  • Understand the positive commercial impact that collective clarity around brand can have both on an organization’s profile and individual employee’s digital profiles
  • Learn about how I help leaders and teams re-activate brand strategy

This event is for C-suite, Founders, Business Leaders & Emerging Leaders.

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