Why Does Reputation Matter?

Why Does Reputation Matter?

11am-11.45am AEST

Find out how to be actively engaged in building a strong reputation, and be well prepared to navigate reputational issues as they arise.

  • Do you work in a high-risk or high-profile job?
  • Do you know if your reputation (how you’re perceived by stakeholders) actually stacks up to your brand promise?  
  • Are you or your team prepared to lead through a crisis?
  • Do you think about how you or your leadership team would respond under fire?  

For many individuals and organisations, reputation is everything. I’m astounded why so many individuals and organisations don’t actively build reputational capital or take advantage of reputational gains.

Reputation is often an after-thought until an issue or a crisis emerges. This is particularly important in high-risk, high-profile industries and jobs, where it’s not a question of if things will go wrong, but when.


Issues happen. Mistakes are made. Sometimes catastrophic ones. The key question for leaders and leadership teams is are you prepared for when the S#!T hits the fan?  


Join me, Reputation and Brand specialist, Clinton Bown, for a FREE 30-minute learning event and 15-minute Q&A, where you’ll benefit from my 30years of building reputations and navigating crisis across professional sport and business. I’ve managed high profile individuals through challenging moments in the spotlight – including 4x AFL Premiership coach Alastair Clarkson, former Premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett AC, and current Hawthorn Football Club Senior Coach, Brownlow Medallist and 4 x AFL Premiership player, Sam Mitchell.


  • Learn about the Reputation Dynamic - what builds or breaks reputations  
  • Learn the steps towards building Reputational Capital
  • Understand the importance of up-skilling your Leaders to be crisis-ready
  • Learn about how I help leaders build reputations and prepare for crisis

This event is for C-suite, Founders, BusinessLeaders & Emerging Leaders

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